Customer Satisfaction Oriented

Working Principle
We use the most up-to-date engineering techniques and state-of-the-art products to provide better and better service to our customers with our experienced technical staff and our high level of know-how.
The technical staff who have large background use updated technology to give high quality service. For many years, we have constructed water cooling tower by using GRP and PVC materials. We have not used wooden or metallic materials.
This system has only one motor. This system has axial fans and more efficiency than the other system that has radial fan.
This system has two motor-fan groups. Groups work independently from each other. Only one pool is used for double installations. 50% of the working capacity of the towers in case of failure of this type of system maintenance and revisions to a complete stop and remain off the tower blocks.
Triple motor-fan group rules are motivated in three separate types of towers. These groups are working independent of each other. Only one pool is used for three motor-fan groups. Towers in case of failure of this type with a capacity of one - third or two-third of the entire system to stop working and to keep maintenance and revisions of the tower blocks is disabled.

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