The cooling tower may begin to lose it’s efficiency without an appropriate water purification program; as a result of sediment deposition, biofilm growth and corrosion. Water treatment programs; that consist of inhibitors against corrosion, sediment and biocides; provide protection against microbial growth and biofilms.

Corrasion and tartar inhibitors are developed by mixing polymers, phosphates and azoles (such as tolytriazole) in different proportions depending on the Langelier Saturation Index level of water. Different raw materials formulas have been used for years. There is little difference between the formulas used by leading water purifiers. The differentiation caused by the service provided by the water purifier and the distribution mechanism of the inhibitors.

Biocides are used to prevent microbial growth that can damage not only the cooling tower but also humans. In general, the use of two types of biocides is very common, because if only one type of biocide form is used, germs can form resistance. The water treatment specialist will design a program that balances continuous low-level feeds from time to time with shock treatments to keep microorganisms in balance. The two best known biocides are Non-Oxidizing Biocides and Oxidizing Biocides.

What is biocide

Biocides are chemical substances formed by a mixture of one or more active substances that control or kill microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, algae, mold or yeast. Biocides guarantee the active performance of chemical products and production processes.