They are designed for systems that require closed loop cooling. In these systems the confrontation is between the open-loop tower water and the serpentine through which the operating water passes. It is obvious to discuss the matter in which the prominent serpentine is made from which material, the life of the serpentine, the extent of the serpentine and how efficient a heat transfer device is.

Closed type towers are less efficient than open circuit water cooling systems.

It is beginning to be newly produced in Turkey.

In the world, known technology for producing serpentine is made from st-37 stitched pipes.

Even in this case, there is at least double the price difference against open tower-serpentine dilemma.

The cooling of the operating water without contact with the open air makes these types of towers popular. However, poor quality serpentines are equivalent to the cost of the tower within 3-5 years.

Another disadvantage is that the outer casings are made of sheet metal. It can not resist corrosion in a short time like serpentines. It has not been seen yet that such towers are made from a composite that is as durable as the sun and moisture.


Disadvantages of Serpentine

They are the most inefficient means of heat transfer.

It's a lot of space.

Maintenance and repairs are almost impossible.

Starting and renewal costs are 70 - 80% of tower cost.