For exportation and importation of any product, numbers called HS CODE - GTIP (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) and expressed in 12 digits in our country have to be used.

These numbers are used for all commodities subject to international trade. These codes do some sort of commercial classification.

The international recognition name of this work known as GTIP in TURKEY is defined as HS CODE in English.

In particular, the first 6 digits of this coding are used in the same product description in the world.

I mean, everywhere in the world

8419.89 Cooling towers and similar facilities for direct cooling with water circulation means (without a separation wall)

If we try to say briefly

  • The initial 4 digits are the position item of the commercial product,
  • The initial 6 digits are the harmonized system nomenclature code used by all member nations of the World Customs Organization,

7 and 8 from the beginning. The preferred combination of nomenclature codes for European Union member nations,

The code showing the positions opened due to different tax tariffs 9 and 10 from the beginning,

The 11th and 12th digits from the beginning indicate the HS CODE codes.

Water cooling tower in Turkey HS CODE number is 8419.