Natural draft cooling towers are the water cooling systems that reduce the heat of the water thanks to its natural flow. It aims to cool down the water at high temperature in the fastest way by evaporating; because of this, they have those gigantic structures. Most of the time we see those structures near the highways and there is big misconception that those are nuclear plants or the gas flowing out from those gigantic towers is toxic.

Nuclear plants are using those natural draft cooling towers but it should not be forgotten there are only two nuclear plants in Bulgaria. In 2017 34% of the energy need of Bulgaria was provided by those two nuclear plants. But besides those two, the other natural draft cooling towers belong to some other factories. The one the tallest building in Bulgaria is cooling tower of Maritza East Power Station which is a thermal power station.

Components of the natural draft cooling towers:

Natural Draft Cooling Tower’s components are same with their functions but not with their shapes or sizes that of package type water cooling towers.  Also unlike forced draft cooling towers, the fan system is not used in Natural Draft cooling towers. Natural cooling towers benefits from the natural air flow of the environment.  Some components of natural draft cooling tower are listed below:

  • Support Body of Hyperbolic Shape (reinforced concrete, steel)
  • Sheathing
  • Cooling Fills
  • Drift Eliminators
  • Water Distribution System(noozles, pipes etc.)
  • Water Basin