The quality and standards of the spare parts used in the water cooling tower will actually determine the quality and lifetime of the cooling tower. At this point;


On panels: isophthalic resin gelcoat; the most important element that ensures that the exterior paint color is not affected by the external environment conditions,


Drop Holders: must be selected from premium quality white material; that you can show strength for many years in high air flow,


Distribution Facility: choosing the right material at the right temperature is very important; Although the pvc-u material at 45 degrees is sufficient, the pp material should be selected at designs over 45 degrees, otherwise the softening pvc material will be bent over time and deformed easily,


Nozzle, C Support, etc .: intermediate parts and axles should also be made of PP material: work for many years without bending, twisting and resistance to breakage. At this point, the use of polymer compounds and glass fibers are the most important contributors to strengthening these accents,


Gearboxes: in addition to being produced in the correct standards, the bearings used in their compound must be selected from special bearing guaranteed working hours.