Without the best possible chemical treatment program, cooling towers start to lose their efficiency because of biofilm growth, corrosion and scale deposition. Treatment projects comprise of Inhibitors to secure against corrosion biocides and scale to ensure against biofilm and microbial growth.

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors are created by mixing azoles, phosphates and polymers into various proportions relying upon the LSI level of the water. The unrefined materials that make up the different formulas have been around for an extensive period of time and there is little partition among the conditions used by the dependable water treatment suppliers. Separation regularly comes in the administration of the water treatment delegate and the conveyance component of the inhibitors.

Biocides are utilized to forestall microbial growth that can be unsafe not exclusively to the cooling tower yet in addition to people. The utilization of two biocides is exceptionally regular on the grounds that the microorganisms can frequently make an obstruction if just one type of biocide is utilized. The water treatment expert will structure a program that adjusts constant low level feeds with periodic stun treatments to keep the bugs reeling. The two sorts of biocides are Non-Oxidizing Biocides and Oxidizing Biocides.

Treatment of Water in Cooling Towers

CTP Engineering is your best source for reliable chemical treatment services of cooling towers. We will help you to build up a modified cooling tower chemical treatment plan that will provide an effective defense against key contamination issues such as white rust formation, concentrated mineral content and biological growth. You will benefit from guaranteed scale-free cooling tower water treatment system with a guaranteed annual price.